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Woodworking Saws

For seasoned woodworkers saws are a typical everyday tool that comes in various varieties. A wood working table saw and a handsaw are very handy especially for someone who works regularly on woodcrafts. There are various types of these saws some capable of multiple uses and some designed for very specific uses.

Varieties of the woodworking table saw

There are several varieties that you could get for this type of saw depending on what you specifically want to do with it. Below is a list of these saws with their uses.

Contractor’s saw – This saw is normally used by contractors when working at a site.  It is a portable woodworking saw with a belt-driven blade and a motor mounted on the outside of the saw. The selling point of this saw is its portability and hence its preferred use among contractors.

Cabinet saw – this is the heaviest woodworking table saw there is and it is made of heavy cast iron. It is a very accurate saw with its 3 to 5 horse power motor enclosed. It has a very precise cut and is ideal when working at a station since it is very heavy and thus not portable.

Hybrid saw – this type of saw many times combines the features of a contractor’s saw and a cabinet saw. The combination of the features from these two saws vary depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. This woodworking table saw mostly has a 2 horsepower motor.

Other woodworking saws

Hand saws form the bulk of woodworking saws in the marketplace. Together with other saws they can be used for a variety of purposes. There are numerous varieties of these and a list of the same can be found hereunder.

Ribbed saw – this is a saw with large forward-leaning teeth used to cut forward or on the push stroke.

Cross-cut saw – these saws cut both forward and backwards. Their teeth are not as large as the ribbed saw but they are suited for cutting across the grain.

Folding saw – the advantage of this saw is that the blade can be folded into the sheath allowing for safe portability.

Irwin saw – the blade of this saw has very strong teeth which maintain their sharpness for a long time. It however cannot be sharpened and would need to be replaced when it gets blunt.

Backsaw – these woodworking saws are used when the craftsman wants to make precise cuts. The cut will be more refined when the teeth are smaller.

Dovetailed back saw – these saws have a very strong back and are typically used when work requires a lot of detail such as when notching a drawer divider or shelf.

Japanese saws – these are pull saws with one edge having cross cut teeth and the other end having ripped teeth.

Coping saw – the frame of this saw is shaped like a C and can interchange blades to cut wood and metal. Some craftsmen have substituted the chisel for this saw when cutting dovetail joints. Its uniqueness is in the fact that the blade can be removed and passed through a hole to cut inside.

Reciprocating saws – these woodworking saws are mainly used to cut custom shapes on pieces of plywood. It is very difficult to cut a straight line with this though and thus it can only be used for its specific purpose.

Circular saw – one of these saws-the worm drive- can be used when cutting wet wood.

Band saw – this is a powerful saw which makes little noise and can cut through both wood and metal. It is however also difficult to cut a straight line using this saw.

Miter saw – these saws are used to cut corners with guides for cutting 45 and 90 degree cuts. They can be used specifically for trimming and molding.

Oscillating saws – this is a saw which makes a precise cut and is good especially when working in small spaces.

Tips for selecting woodworking saws

Finances – your budget will be your major constraint in this endeavor as everything must fall within it. In order to get value for your money, take a lot of time to search for the best deals. Visit your local lumber shop and find out from them where the best deals are to be found whether in a store or online.

Multiple uses – it is good to get a saw that you can use for various tasks. Again your local lumber dealer will be best placed to advice you on this. Some saws work on the pull side, others on the push and some on both. The kind of projects you hope to work on will determine the kind of multiple use saw you will get.

Longevity – Try and purchase saws that are long lasting and whose maintenance you can manage without too much hustle.

Woodworking saws are a must have everyday tool for the woodworker.  Select saws that will help make your work easier and more enjoyable.

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