Woodworking and Wood Projects

Woodworking and Wood Projects

Woodworking can be an amazing way to spend your time and with useful end results too. There is so much that can be made once you learn the basics of the craft that the list is literally limitless.  Wood projects are as diverse as the people who design them.

Consider the table which can be made in various shapes and designs which transform this basic functional item into an antique collector’s item. Just varying the shape of the top can transform a typical table to an attractive piece of furniture that ties a room together. In this particular wood project you can substitute the legs for a barrel or make them cone shaped and the result will be dramatic.

The thing to focus on when looking for wood projects is simplicity. Of course this will depend on your level of competence in woodworking. For beginners, the simpler the wood projects, the better. As you grow in your skills and your confidence increases, you can look for more challenging projects. There are a few pointers to keep in mind when considering a woodworking project. These are:

Tools necessary for the project

Some simple projects require just a few tools to accomplish the work. List your tools and then look for projects that will not require you to purchase others. Sometimes though, wood projects are just the thing to make you get new tools. The thing to keep in mind is not to get a project whose tools will be difficult for you to get.

The materials required for the project

You will need to evaluate and eliminate projects depending on the materials that are required. If the materials listed are available to you and you have the necessary tools for the wood projects, then this will be good projects for you. As you look at different project plans, check whether there are materials that can be substituted for others. This way you will not eliminate wood projects just because one material is not available in your area.

The time the project will take

For your own motivation and progress it is good to get wood projects that take a short time to make. This allows you to finish it when your energy and drive are still high. When wood projects take a long time to finish, they sap your strength and you will always find something else that you want to work on in between. This will in turn divide your attention and slim down chances lf finishing your initial project.

Space and location constraints

Select projects based on the space you have to work on them and your location too. Getting plans for a wood shed when you have no space to build or put it is redundant. Get plans for wood projects that you can accommodate in your home or back yard.

Functionality of the project

This should really be the first consideration. Are you going to use or sell the finished product? Some items like chairs, benches, tables, stools, TV stands and shelves are practical and will be functional additions to your home. Bird houses, garden carts and barn doors, may be interesting projects to work on but have no practical use in the home. If you have lots of space to store your projects, then go for anything that takes your fancy. If not, there is still an interesting list of projects for you to work on. Some of these wood projects are listed below:

  • folding chair
  • love seat
  • kitchen table
  • garden bench
  • vanity stand
  • outdoor table
  • wooden swings
  • coffee table
  • bed stand
  • planter
  • book shelves
  • cabinets
  • book cases
  • lamp stands
  • pen holders
  • mobile phone holders
  • corner shelves
  • work bench
  • tool stands
  • baby crib
  • lamp stands
  • bed stand
  • spice rack
  • CD holder
  • Beds
  • Knife stand

The list of the wood projects you can undertake is endless. With time and experience you will design your own convenient projects and add them to your portfolio.

Woodworking can be made more enjoyable when working with a friend or friends. Some projects like building a shed or board walk are done better and faster when several people are involved. Consider inviting your woodworking friends over to work on a project. It will definitely go faster and will be more fun to do. You can even split the project over three Saturdays and celebrate together once the work is done.

Remember to select your wood projects wisely and according to your specific circumstances. This way you will get a lot accomplished and gains tons of experience along the way.

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