Choosing to build your own shed is a task that will be both enjoyable and satisfactory. There are many reasons why people want to build their own storage area. Top on this list is the money that you will save by doing this yourself.  Sometimes you may find that the cost of doing your project will be a great deal less than it would cost to bring someone in. Costs can be cut in terms of materials, time and labor.

Another reason why you may want to build your own shed is that you will get your exact specifications. Many times we want a custom made shed that fits our unique storage needs. Getting a custom made shed will cost you more than a regular design. However when you do the work yourself, you can make it according to your exact specifications and most times at a lower cost.

The third reason is that it really is not that hard to build it. If you are one of those people who get a sense of pride from a finished project, building your own shed is just the thing to undertake. You can break down the tasks into a few steps and then set aside time for each step. In a short while you will have the work done and have a shed customised to your unique needs.

Type of shed

The kind of shed that you build will be determined by a number of factors.  The first is your budget. How much are you willing to spend? A wooden shed can cost upwards of $1000 depending on the size and quality that you want. A quick check through the shed kits at large stores or even at your local lumber dealer will give you a rough idea of how much you need to have.

Second is the size of shed that you want. This will be determined by the space that is available for your shed as well as what you want to store in it.

Time consumed in construction is something that you must consider as well.  If you have some friends who can help you with building the shed, then you can just get the lumber and work on the shed from scratch. On the other hand if you want a quick job with minimal input, then you can get a pre-cut shed kit from the store and assemble it at home.

Pointers for when you build your own shed

Find out whether there are any regulations in your area that need to be followed. There may be rules on putting in a foundation or even on the type of lumber that can be used for any structure.  Ask your lumber dealer to update you on this as he would be best placed to know of any regulations.

Consider the type of floor that you will use.  A concrete floor is strong and can hold up about any weight that you will have.  It is however permanent and thus will make your shed immovable. Also take into account how well drained the area is. It may be wise to raise your floor and use pressure treated lumber in case rain water flows around the area where your shed is.

Measure the area that you intend the shed to be built on before ordering your lumber. Small spaces look large when there is nothing on them. Don’t estimate the size. Just measure it and then order lumber for the right size of shed.

Plan when to build your shed. Rain can be a nuisance when working on an outdoor project for several days. Check your forecast and plan to build when you expect a few weeks of sun.

Once you begin working on your shed, keep at it until you are done. Half finished projects are not only an eyesore but also a confidence killer. There are few things that can boost your confidence like a finished project.  Therefore once you determine why and how you want to build your shed, get on with it and complete it.