The joy of woodworking

Woodworking offers enthusiasts a lot of joy from the wide range of equipment, the types of woods, the endless number of products to create, the smell of the timber and so much more. For a beginner it is a whole new world with amazing possibilities.  For the more seasoned woodworking enthusiast, it is their own little kingdom where joys and thrills abound!

Discovering the tools

Consider the number of tools available for woodworking. The band saw for example is very versatile even having the capacity to cut 12” thick wood. This awesome saw can also accommodate and 1/8” blade that allows you to cut those sharp edges. How cool is that?

How about the trusty router? You can use it to do so much in your workshop yet it is not bulky. Jointing is an enjoyable task with this little guy. The same tool can be used for joinery, for flash trimming and countless other tasks especially when you use the plunge router.

Every woodworking enthusiast loves sanding. The best part is that there are various sanders to choose from. Quarter sheet sanders or random orbit sanders will give excellent results while ensuring maximum participation on your part. After cutting those corners with your trusty jigsaw, how about spending some quality time with your sander sanding them? Woodworking is after all about you participating is the thing you love doing.

The tools and equipment for woodworking are numerous. Just discovering them and learning to work them is a journey by itself. Mastering the use of multipurpose tools is a wonderful experience.

Mastering cuts

There are common cuts to be learnt and practiced whether with power tools or without them. Cross cuts with different saws is something you will be practicing for a while as a beginner. However even for a professional getting those cuts perfect especially with imperfect equipment such as a crosscut using a band saw. To master the cuts, there is the extra challenge of learning to use the other equipment along with the saws. For example, the miter gauge and the rip fence for making the rip cut on a table saw. This is something to try out and master in an entire session especially when this is a hobby. One of the joys of mastering the craft is by journaling your progress so that you can gauge how far you have come. It is also a reminder to get on with it, when you have spent too much time on a single project.  But then again, who’s asking? Enjoy yourself!

Limitless items to be made

The possibilities know no end. In fact if you are not strict with yourself, you will find that there are endless projects in your workshop. Common household items like kitchen cabinets, cupboards, tables, chairs, beds, and shelves are just the basics.  How about tissue holders, bread bins, and CD holders? Then there are weird shaped items like oblong TV stands, tree like baby cots, interesting work tables and cone shaped lounge chairs. You can literally make anything through this craft, with emerging techniques and numerous videos posted online by various craftsmen, the items to be made are infinite. The very fact that you can find a new project each day let alone each week will keep your fire burning for a long time to come.

Awesome finishes

Finishing any item is a joy in itself. Woodworking at its end is just as satisfying as it is at the start. There is that anticipation of the look of the finished product. Do you want it layered or oil finished? You may want a long lasting finish and thus choose layering or you may want something that still leaves the earth tones of the wood shining through. In this case oil finishes will work wonders for you.  Some people prefer painting the finished piece. Painting a finished item to match furniture or fit into a certain background can be a thrilling experience. With just the right finish, an item can be transformed from rustic to classic and from artificial to earthy. This versatility gives the craftsman a unique and satisfying experience each time they engage in it.

Showing your friends you latest creations

Who can resist that sense of pride from showing off our creations? When you have your friends over and they compliment a piece of furniture that you made from scratch, there is no end to the satisfaction that you feel. Every time you encounter that piece of furniture, you have the joy of knowing that you created it. If you are thinking of turning your passion into a business this is one of the ways of attracting customers and getting some constructive feedback. You can start by making household items for your friends at a price.

Exchanging tips with fellow woodworkers

Craftsmen enjoy explaining something to someone who has an appreciation for the craft. Have you ever visited a carpenter and found that you enjoyed listening to them explain their craft just as much as they enjoyed explaining it to you.  The thrill of sharing your experiences whether it is your first splinter, the reworking of a project gone wrong, or your first finished project is a joy that only craftsmen can understand. Some woodworkers have come together to form clubs in their areas and on social media. Joining one of these groups provides a forum for asking questions, learning and sharing items one has made.  Clubs also provide the opportunity to meet up and display one’s work. This can be a very satisfying experience.

Once an item is complete there is always the thrill of the next challenge. There is the eager anticipation of the next project and the confidence that with one challenge behind you, you can equally face a more challenging project. It is an endless journey of learning, creating, reworking, finishing and displaying your work. There is no end to the number of things that can be created. What more can a woodworking enthusiast ask for? Whether a beginner, a basic woodworker or a professional,  there is a lot of joy in woodworking.